Saturday, March 20, 2010


Hey guys! Been so long since I last updated actually, I have a lot of free time but I guess not just feelin it? Anyways...on Friday, Wen Zhi (the Singaporean) came and erm...I guess is staying with me? so ti is our experiences so far:

Friday-Day 1
Went to WMS at 5.30 p.m. to pick him up only to find out their bus tire was punctured and they had to change bus they were about 45 minutes I just sat in the canteen and talked to Kishen while the wo-man chatted about God knows what they talk about. Oh Kishen...what would I do without trusty perverted friend...Anyways...when the Singaporeans finally came we got paired up and yea...I met Wen Zhi! He's taller than me...pffffffft Kathereena (is that how you spell it?) got paired up with a guy!!! Ngehehehehe I remember she planned to bring the girl she was going to host to go and watch Remember Me by Robert Pattinson...but she ended up hosting a guy...I wonder how did that work out. Anyways, after we went home I let him settle down, shower then later brought him out to Decanter and eat. Later we went home and he started reading a story book O.O We went to sleep at around 11-ish?

Saturday-Day 2
Woke up then we ate breakfast...I'm so lazy to type now...I'll update from day 2 next time lar...watching Ninja Assasin with him now... :)

Till next time...Ciao!