Saturday, March 20, 2010


Hey guys! Been so long since I last updated actually, I have a lot of free time but I guess not just feelin it? Anyways...on Friday, Wen Zhi (the Singaporean) came and erm...I guess is staying with me? so ti is our experiences so far:

Friday-Day 1
Went to WMS at 5.30 p.m. to pick him up only to find out their bus tire was punctured and they had to change bus they were about 45 minutes I just sat in the canteen and talked to Kishen while the wo-man chatted about God knows what they talk about. Oh Kishen...what would I do without trusty perverted friend...Anyways...when the Singaporeans finally came we got paired up and yea...I met Wen Zhi! He's taller than me...pffffffft Kathereena (is that how you spell it?) got paired up with a guy!!! Ngehehehehe I remember she planned to bring the girl she was going to host to go and watch Remember Me by Robert Pattinson...but she ended up hosting a guy...I wonder how did that work out. Anyways, after we went home I let him settle down, shower then later brought him out to Decanter and eat. Later we went home and he started reading a story book O.O We went to sleep at around 11-ish?

Saturday-Day 2
Woke up then we ate breakfast...I'm so lazy to type now...I'll update from day 2 next time lar...watching Ninja Assasin with him now... :)

Till next time...Ciao!


Monday, February 22, 2010


My supper just now...
 Haagen-Dazs Rum and Raisin with Grape and Cherry!
Well,what's left of it... XD
It looks like shiatz though...
Oh Well...ngomngomngomngomngomngom....

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Hey people...dead blog yea? I know... 1 more hour to reunion dinner and I just wanted to wish you guys Happy Chinese New Year!!!

So school holiday is like for a week this year and I just want to sleep the whole day...not party the whole day...I'll be effin tired if I do that for 1 week straight...Been feeling kinda down lately...dunno why but into a shell and rotting does not sound that bad. 

School has been homework-ish I guess? Luckily there's this 1 week of holiday but sadly when we come back there will be exams... I know I just got out of it...but there's this other thing pulling me towards it...guess you guys don't understand huh?

I guess it never really started after all. Both players to the end... So yea... I wonder if it is too soon... Sooner the better right? Right?

Gonna go back to school after CNY...changed...

That's all...till next time, Ciao!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Onata Piniata

I haven't been blogging lately because..... :

1 I am currently trying something new out...
2 There's  a lot in my head right now... It is literally effin crazy in my head right now...
3 I have been helpin mummy to bake cookies... Don't ask... It keeps my head off stuff...
4 I got homework...
5 I've got a life...
6 I don't care...

Yea...that's about school has been kinda fun...and at the same time...*sigh*
What is new:
1 My Japanese costume...
2 Astro B.yond...(not really worth it...yet)
3 Curtains
4 My sight towards CSS after talking to Gareth
5 My bag
6 My camera
7 Me

I think thats about it...gonna go back to my nap now...


Thursday, December 24, 2009

Hey guys!!! It's that time of the year again...Its Christmas!!! It's not like I really celebrated it or something like that, but urm just yea...MERRY CHRISTMAS! I hope you guys have a nice and safe Christmas and lots of fun. Just in case I would like to wish you all a Happy New Year also.
That's all! :) Ciao! 

Monday, December 21, 2009


My Name Is:

Kenny Ng Jing Quan
The Place I Want To Go Right Now:
-The Happiest Place On Earth-

Las Vegas, although sometimes I have the urge to change it to Disneyland XD
My Favorite Place:

Any Apple Store X) I'm just joking, it's actually my bed.
My Favorite Drink:

Coca-Cola :)
My Favorite Food Recently:

Food from Chili's
My Favorite Thing:

Anything from Apple
My Favorite Color:

Black & White
I live in:

Hogwarts (Remember Harry Potter?)
I was born in:

A Rapid KL Bus (Just joking kay...Pantai Hospital)
I'm studying at:

Wesley Methodist School, Sentul
My Favorite Story:

Need I say more?
My hobby:

I want to be like:

 I mean like who wouldn't want to be him?
-Tag Finished-
I tag anyone who wants to do this :)

Monday, December 14, 2009

LaLa Land

So today went to 1U for Jia Xuan's farewell thingy. So it was a pretty tiring day…you'll see. We were supposedly to meet there at around 11.30, I think…and I was going to fetch Li Shan and Suet Wei there expecting them to come to my hose at around 10-ish something but someone (Suet Wei) reached my house at 8 when was still sleeping =.= So then my maid woke me up and said that my friend came…Urghhhhh then ate my breakfast and those stuff… The funniest part was when Lucky started chasing her around then she started screaming. I'm sorry? Then we chatted and stuff while we waited for Li Shan, we called her and talked to her? So later I asked Suet Wei to choose a shirt for me to wear and she chose a blur Polo-T for me to wear… It was not that I do not like it or anything but it was so big and crumpled and I-had-no-time-to-iron-it so I rushed and took shower and ended wearing a black Polo-T =) so after that Li Shan finally came and we went there (Duhhhh we went there)

When we met them (The Four Leaf Clover People, don't ask) outside the bowling alley we were like Hey… and it was so awkward…so me, Li Shan and Suetty went to get juice. I ordered Caribbean Cocktail and they ordered Pink Panther I think…and like after that we went back up to the movie area when we met up with Lionel and the four of us talked there for quite some time while waiting for other people to reach.

Wait! I forgot! Before we went to meet them we went to S&J to get presents for Jia Xuan. I got her a lollipop, a keychain some shredded paper and a box it-was-damn-nice.

Back to the point after talking for quite some time Jia Xuan's mum asked us to go eat out Japanese buffet at Shogun which was pretty cool since she paid for us…if I'm not mistaken it is RM43.00++ per head so yeah…food there was not bad, right? So we ate and talked for like around 2 hours? We took pictures (they are on Facebook) Owh Owh! Suetty lent me her iPod and I found some *uhum* pictures!!! No lar, I'm just joking, there was no *uhum* pictures just some funny pictures…So then all of us gave her our gifts and Lionel did not get her anything and he was like guilty or something??? So he asked us to teman him and go get a gift for her. We ended up going to S&J again and he got her this Giant Smiley Pillow and stuffed and hid it in my bag…

So anyways after that we went to go bowling and stuff…after bowling we went to arcade and found we bought the wrong kind of tokens, YES we know Lionel you wasted 2 tokens. So we came back down and Li Shan and Suetty got a refund while me and Lionel used ours on 1 round of Foosball and Snooker then got a refund. Lionel went home after that so I met up with Li Shan and Suetty again and we went to the arcade and played some GAMES…I AM SO NOT ADDICTED TO THAT PLUSH TOY GAME!!!

After that we went to get something to eat at McD and not long after that Suetty had to go home so yea…me and Li Shan had to walk to her to the old wing bus stop then me and Li Shan had to go and find the new wing bus stop where my Bro was…so we walked and walked and walked and walked and walked and walked…you get the point right? Fine I admit it was party my fault we got lost…so yea…Oh BTW we somehow met up with Jia Xuan and them half way…AND FINALLY found the exit and we went home and half way through the journey my Bro's car tire got punctured and he lost control of the sterring for a while and we hit the side of the road… Haha? Sorry Li Shan if you got scared? Then we reached back home then waited for her mum to pick her up…

So I think that's all right? This post looks a bit long so bare with it…Till next time, Ciao Pi-Palz!